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Why Hire Affordable Divorce Mediation Services?

While few divorce proceedings may involve court litigation, other couples can end their marriage in a more respectful way through affordable divorce mediation services. A divorce mediator in Katy, Texas is a mediator who assists both parties in communicating in a series of discussions to aid them resolve their differences in their divorce agreement. Here are the reasons to hire an affordable divorce mediator:

Less Troubling For Kids

Child custody is a huge problem in any divorce. Kids tend to suffer a lot when their parents are parting ways. They undergo emotional breakdowns and feel unsettled. Litigation often leads to delays that make it even tougher for children. Mediation offers both parents an even ground that provides them with scope to interact better. Kids are less likely to end up as pawns, when the couple may negotiate support, visitation problems, and child custody. As mediation helps parents to communicate, it also aids them in rear up their kids better post-divorce.

More Informal and Flexible

Mediation may be scheduled during the weekend, evening, or day when it is suitable for you rather than being on the court’s timeline.

It may take place by video chat, phone, or in person based on your choice. For example, if individuals stay far apart from each other or the mediator, it will be done by phone.

Divorce mediation is less structured and more informal than court proceedings that has certain procedures and regulations that you have to follow. The legal process might be overwhelming for individuals and you have to hire an attorney, while the divorce mediation is a hassle-free and smooth process.

Private and Confidential

Discussions might take place in mediation. Both the parties and mediator sign an agreement stating what they should discuss and this cannot be discussed in court. Once both parties know that their communication cannot be shared outside the mediation, they are more open with each other which increases their chances of reaching an agreement.

Mediation takes place in a private meeting room or the mediator’s office. If you go to the court, then you have to discuss everything in front of the public, judge, and attorneys.

Customized Agreement

Individuals who prefer divorce mediation get the chance to have in-depth communication where they may give feedback to each other. This dialogue aids you and your partner in creating an agreement that suits your family’s certain requirements. When you create an agreement, you may discuss your future parenting matters

Reduce Overall Tension

As divorce mediation is less stressful and affordable than litigation, it helps you to move forward faster with a more positive approach, concentrating on your future rather than your past.

Reduce the Financial Stress

Affordable divorce mediation services are less costly compared to court battles. Instead of paying two different attorneys an hourly rate, you and your ex may split the fees of one mediator. You may expect mediation to cost between two to ten times less than litigation.



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