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Roof Maintenance Just Became Easier!

Roof maintenance is an essential part of a well-bred house maintenance strategy if you own a house and can’t be compromised at any cost given the risk of safety and security. With roofs, as experts say, it’s always the things that aren’t visible that turn out to be the real imposter and since it’s not always possible to have a rafter ready for your service, it’s best if you get independent with a little elbow grease.

Roof Maintenance Plan

Most buildings and housing structures nowadays demand a roof maintenance plan for clear and regular maintenance. But what exactly is it? A roof maintenance plan is a program or a schedule prepared by a commercial roof contractor for regular cleaning, maintenance, inspection, and checking of rooftops to prevent any severe damage from occurring. There are usually three contract plans for the same: –

  • Plan which requires the gutter cleaner to conduct drain and gutter cleaning along with visual inspection and report.
  • The plan includes gutter and drain cleaning, debris removal small repairs, and inspection of the roof along with a report.
  • The plan that which requires gutter and drain cleaning, debris removal, sewer cleaning, full inspection, medium repairs, and survey reports.

How to Keep Your Roofs Shiny?

Here’s a short list of roof maintenance schedules and strategies, along with Expert Tips for roof maintenance, advised by professionals and compiled by the author: –

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Keeping your gutters checked and maintained is the surest and foremost way of ensuring roof cleanliness. Anything that runs downs and gets accumulated inside gutters can lead to a rotten roof deck. It is recommended that the gutter cleaning agents be serviced at regular intervals for gutter cleaning.

Remove Tree Branches and Shrubs

While trees make for a picturesque look around the house, they can also lead to trouble if standing too close to your roof. During bad weather and storms, the tree branches lingering close can break and accumulate on your roof and clog your drainage pipe. Besides, they also provide a convenient way for squirrels and other such creatures to crawl and make nests.

Remove Snow

Snow, despite its aesthetic beauty, is hazardous when it comes to large-scale accumulation. Large amounts of snow piling up on your roof is an awaited threat of roof collapse. Removing snow as soon as it starts accumulating there is one of the first tips for roof maintenance.

Algae, Moss, and Mold

Housing structures should always be checked for algae, moss, and mold to make sure their presence and the moisture caused by them do not lead to expensive damage. Their wild growth can lead to internal damage in the house structure and can weaken the whole building if not treated well.

Leaks in the Ceiling

Preventing water damage is an essential step to having a well-maintained roof and testing for water damage can easily be done by checking for leakages and infiltrations. While checking for leaks, apart from the exterior roof the interior part such as the attic needs to be checked as well for signs of damage.

These tips, if followed religiously will check all boxes of Expert Tips for roof maintenance.



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